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About Me

My woodworking life officially started at 18 years old when I befriended my mentor Richard Gordon of Phineas Rose Wood Joinery and started immediately working and learning from him. I quickly fell in love with hand tools and traditional joinery methods. I then turned to timber frame carpentry, a trade I have worked extensively within and continue to pursue. I opened my furniture and custom woodworking shop to get back to where my love of wood and joinery began. I live and work in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Northern Vermont using only regional hardwoods making custom solid wood furniture and wall pieces. My methods of construction utilize traditional joinery, often cut with hand tools, to produce pieces of furniture that are a pleasure to create as well as to have in your home for generations to come. 


Custom orders are welcome as are alterations to designs you see here.

Please feel free to contact with questions, comments or work inquiries



Tel: 609-468-8809 

Your email successfully sent! Thank you for looking and getting in touch. -evan

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